The Maple Syrup App

Maple Syrup Time's proprietary sap flow algorithm, SapCast™, helps you plan for sap collection days based on forecasted sap flow.

Forecast Your First Tap Date

"First Tap Forecast" will track your seasonal weather patterns and daily update your projected first-tap date.

Tracks Historical Norms

The app will automatically track seasonal norms for your location to give you a basis for a first-tap date.

Updates Current Projections Daily

Each day, daily temperature is tracked to help inform your seasonal tapping date.

Plan Collections with SapCast™

SapCast™ was built based on thousands of collection data points. We analyze location, pressure, temperature, seasonal averages and more to give you a simple graphical rating.

Location Specific

We take into account seasonal activity to exactly where your sugar bush is located.

Multi-Factor Algorithm

We track seasonal averages as well as daily weather conditions to give you the most accurate output.

Track your syrup production

As you collect sap and produce syrup, you can create logs to record your activity.

Create Quick Logs

Log your observed sap flow, sap collection volume and syrup production volume.

Add Custom Notes

You can add additional notes to each log you create.

Compare stats year after year

Track your sap collection and syrup production stats over time.  Data is automatically grouped by year so you can compare year-over-year.

Sap Stats

Record your observed sap flow and sap collected details to get a reading each year.

Syrup Production Stats

Record your syrup production volumes and compare them year-over-year.

Add Your Sugar Bush Today!

Get started for free and start logging your sugar bush activity. Happy collecting!

Frequently asked questions


How accurate is SapCast™?

SapCast™ was created to help you save time when predicting when to collect. Many people have used the high and low temps to help determine when sap runs. SapCast™ used temps, barometric pressure, seasonal averages and even time of year based on your latitude and longitude. We try to be the most accurate one can predict apart from knowing exact soil & growing conditions in your area.


How do I install this app?

Maple Syrup Time is just like a normal app you can download on your phone. If you are an iPhone user, you can go to the app store and search for "Maple Syrup Time" and you can download it there. If you have an Android phone, you can go to the Google Play store and should be able to find it by searching "Maple Syrup Time" there as well. Right now we do not have a web version because we have found most people just want to do this all on a phone because it is more convenient.


How do I log in with my phone?

We decided to use only a phone number to log in. There are so many emails and passwords which make remembering anything really tough. So, we decided to use only a phone number. The app should stay logged in once you confirm your 6-digit code that is sent to your phone. If you have any issues logging in, please send an email to Thanks!